Someone should mod the golden Nintendo Wii into a gaming PC

            The Queen's golden Wii may be a remarkable relic, but whoever can afford the eye-watering price tag should probably turn it into a gaming PC. While retro gamers, enthusiasts, and historians alike are currently bidding for the one-of-a-kind classic console over on <a href="https://www.pcgamesn.com/outbound/04c154c5b42f44f7b1acca61f5f4ebd4">Goldin Auctions</a>, opting to transform it into a regal rig could perhaps be enough to convince her majesty to accept the gold-plated Nintendo gift.

Before I attempt to defend the idea of a golden Wii gaming PC, it’s probably worth explaining what the so-called “Royal Wii” actually is. The unique Nintendo console variant was commissioned by the publisher THQ back in 2009 to promote Big Family Games – a self-explanatory compilation of short burst shovelware. According to the Goldin listing, the company believed “the most important family in the country” should be graced with a copy, but decided it’d have to be paired with an illustrious device to play it on.

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Goldin Auctions says the Palace’s strict gift policies meant the Golden Wii was boomeranged back to THQ, and was eventually scooped up by a collector following the publisher’s 2012 bankruptcy. At the moment, bids for the console sit at $3,250 USD – more than you’d pay for the best gaming PC.

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