Soul Hackers 2 system requirements

Soul Hackers 2 system requirements shouldn’t stress out your gaming PC, as even an Nvidia GPU from 2013 can run the game at 1080p with high settings. While the Sega RPG game isn’t particularly demanding, you might still want to give your machine a once-over, especially if it’s a low-spec build from yesteryear.

According to the Soul Hackers 2 system requirements, you’ll need a graphics card with at least 1GB VRAM to run the role-playing game, like the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450. If you’d rather boost fps and crank up the resolution, the bar is a little higher, as Atlus recommends using either a Radeon HD 7870 or GTX 750.

Venturing past 1080p means you’ll have to upgrade your GPU, but if you’re not playing on the best gaming monitor, you could already be good to go. The game also demands 8GB of gaming RAM, which might be more of an issue if you’re planning on using an older build. To install Soul Hackers 2, you’ll need to free up 22GB on your SSD or hard drive, so be prepared for a Steam library spring clean.

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