Spider-Man Fans Launch a Social Media Campaign For Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN 4

With the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Spider-Man is more popular now than ever before. Not only are fans loving Tom Holland’s version of the web-slinger, they are also hyped about the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of the hero. Those characters were a huge hit with fans and now the fans want more of them.

Spider-Man fans are currently campaigning for a fourth installment of Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man series with Tobey Maguire and MakeRaimiSpiderMan4 is spreading across social media. There is also another campaign that’s hoping to get a Raimi director’s cut of Spider-Man 3.

While this is cool, where is the love for Andrew Garfield!? I actually enjoyed his fresh and different take on Spider-Man and I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a third film in that franchise.

Look, I have no idea what Sony is planning for the future of the Spider-Man franchise, but you really don’t need fan campaigns like this to try and sell the studio on continuing the journey for these other Spider-Man characters. The studio saw the reactions of fans, and they are seeing the movie continue to blow up at the box office. They know that there’s potential success here. But, we just don’t know if they will pull the trigger, or even if the actors would even want to reprise their roles again in new solo films.

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I would love to see the stories for these characters continue and I really do hope to see them again one day, I just don’t know when or if that will happen. What do you think?

On January 5th we trend MakeRaimiSpiderMan4 worldwide! pic.twitter.com/IQscIZcKAl

— Daily Symbiote Spider-Man (@REAL_EARTH_9811) December 27, 2021