Spy x Family Novel Shares New Details About Loid and Yor’s Past

Spy x Family is one of the biggest series in anime right now, and it can only get bigger from here on out. After all, the show is dominating the spring season with just a few episodes to its name. Over in Japan, fans of manga are celebrating the show’s big debut with help from a new novel, and it turns out the fan book contains some curious details about Yor and Loid.

As you may have heard, the first Spy x Family fan book was released in Japan this week courtesy of Jump Comics. It was there readers learned a bit more about the story’s main cast, and of course, they were most interested to read about the Forger family. Each of its members has tons of secrets to hide, and Loid finally spilled how he became such a good cook.

According to the fan book, Loid became a master chef all thanks to a mission. Creator Tatsuya Endo confirmed Loid was once tasked to masquerade as a chef for a job once, so he had to learn how to cook for real. And once he left the mission, he kept his cooking skills sharp.

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As for Yor, the book gave Spy x Family fans some insight into her true strength. Endo was asked about the assassin’s physical strength, and the creator assured fans Yor was crazy strong. In fact, she cannot accurately measure her grip strength because she breaks the recording instrument every time. The fan book also says Yor has been drunk before and might have gotten in trouble with the police while inebriated, but they don’t recall much about the incident.


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These details might not amount to anything super important, but they do give fans a better look at Yor and Loid. Season one has laid a foundation for these characters, and manga readers already know more about the Forgers than most. And as Endo continues with the hit series, you can bet even more secrets about the couple will surface before long.

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