Stardew Valley mod overhauls critters and animals

If you’ve played one game for a long time, you’ll know that things can become a bit over-familiar, which is why it’s nice to see projects like the Aquarium and Terrarium Project Stardew Valley mod, which overhauls all the various critters and other incidental animals dotted around the farming game’s landscape.

The Aquarium/Terrarium Project isn’t just one mod, in fact – it’s a collection of several mods created by Stardew Valley fan StarAmy, aimed at overhauling all the various creatures and critters that make up the life game’s ecosystem. So far, they have created five separate mods that include reskins for a whole variety of animals.

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In addition, they have also been working on a makeover for Stardew Valley’s fish tanks that polishes their design up slightly, as well as including the option to completely transform them from aquariums into terrariums. This gets rid of the water effect and allows you to store the likes of rodents, birds, insects, and reptiles into the exhibits. Another mod in the collection enables a selection of flowers and other small items to be placed into the tanks for added decoration.

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