Starfield companions – first confirmed follower revealed

            So you want to know about Starfield companions? Given that Starfield is an open-world <a href="">RPG game</a> made by Bethesda, we’d have been very surprised if there weren’t followers the player could meet and invite to join them on their journey across the Settled Systems.

Thankfully, we already know plenty about Starfield companions, despite the fact that we’ve only seen a few seconds of in-engine footage. The presence of characters that the player can form relationships with has already been confirmed and VASCO, a Constellation expeditionary robot, is one of the only known companions so far. But that’s not all.

For example, a Bethesda blog post confirms that VASCO is just “one of many companions” available in the game. In episode two of the ‘Into the Starfield’ video series, Todd Howard and the group talk a little bit about companions and what they might be like. It’s mentioned that companions can comment about things the player is actively doing, or has done previously, which should sound familiar to Fallout players who are tired of being judged by their companions.

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