Steam Deck May 11 Update Live, Patch Notes Released

Valve has released a new Steam Deck update alongside patch notes that reveal and detail everything the May 11 client update has done. Altogether, the update has over 20 additions, fixes, and improvements, though nothing super notable, with per-game performance profiles and keyboard updates the highlights of the update.

While we know what the update does, we don’t know how much space it requires thus we can’t offer any insight into how long it will take your machine to download the update. It shouldn’t take long given the length and content of the patch notes, but this is just an assumption.

Below, you can check out the update’s full and official patch notes:


When connected to an external display, Steam Deck interface is now scaled to virtual 1280×800 resolution (more work on this feature and functionality is underway)
Added Steam hardware survey functionality for Steam Deck
Fixed issue with multiple new Steam Inventory items notifications appearing
Fixed issue with users showing up as Favorites when they are no longer friends
Fixed issues with various dialogs laying out incorrectly when the on-screen keyboard is visible
Fixed on-screen keyboard and magnifier interstitials not taking input on first launch of some games

Per-game performance profiles
Players can now set game-specific performance settings. This feature is accessed in Quick Access Menu > Performance > Advanced View
By default games will use the system performance settings
If per game settings are toggled on, a profile for the currently running title is created. Any edits will be saved and automatically applied when the game is launched
You can always toggle this off to go back to system default settings, or reset to system default settings at any time

{replyCount}commentsOnline / Offline
Improved performance when switching from offline to online modes
Improved availability of home screen sections when switching from offline to online modes
Fixed friends continuing to show as online when Steam is disconnected or switches to offline mode

Added the Bulgarian Phonetic Traditional and Phonetic keyboard layouts
Corrected the interaction between CapsLock and Shift
The keyboard shows AltGr symbol hints when AltGr is not active
The keyboard only shows AltGr symbols when AltGr is active
Non-ASCII characters work in desktop mode
Fixed the doubled ‘?’ key on the Russian keyboard
Removed the ‘?’ key from the Ukrainian keyboard

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Removed rumble & haptics toggles from the Quick Access menu. These can be accessed in the Settings > Controller Settings page.
Moved Re-order Controllers button to the Other section in the Quick Access menu

Remote Play
Added a “Stop Streaming” option to the Power menu when hosting a Remote Play session
Updated Recently Played games list to include streamed games