Street Fighter 6 Reveals New Guile Gameplay

After its reveal from PlayStation’s last State of Play event and ahead of its presumed appearance during the Capcom Showcase, Street Fighter 6 made a scheduled stop during the opening Summer Game Fest show. This reveal was teased prior to the game’s appearance there with the teaser priming Street Fighter fans for new gameplay as well as at least one character reveal. That reveal showed players some gameplay featuring Guile which isn’t a new character but is still one that people will be happy to see back.

While this reveal is a welcome one for anyone wondering which characters new or old would make the cut in the new Street Fighter game, the reveal was spoiled in part by a leak after the game’s State of Play appearance which supposedly showed off a full look at the launch roster for the game. That leaked roster included plenty of familiar faces released in different games over the years as well as some fighters that would make their Street Fighter debut with this next game. Guile was among one of those characters shown in the list.

SONIC BOOM! Guile returns in StreetFighter6 when it lands in 2023.

? Nifty Comb
? New Jumpsuit
? Flash Kicks Galore

He went home to become a family man, but now a new mission awaits.


— Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) June 9, 2022

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Capcom never outright confirmed the contents of the leaks, but copyright strikes hinted that there was at least some truth to the leaked info. Gameplay leaked prior to this Summer Game Fest reveal, too, a leak which prompted Capcom to respond.

“As residents of Metro City, we’ve all seen things we weren’t supposed to see, but we’re all in this together,” the vague reference to the leaks said. “We appreciate all the positive reactions. Thank you for the support!”

Aside from this gameplay, past reveals have already discussed in part some of the features that are planned for Street Fighter 6 to set it apart from past games. The game will have in-game commentary voiced by memorable fighting game personalities, Capcom announced, and will also have a pretty interesting pre-fight feature.


Though Street Fighter 6 has not yet been confirmed for the Capcom Showcase, it’s difficult to imagine the game skipping that event. Whether it shows up there or not, expect more character reveals and gameplay previews like this one to be shared in the future between now and the game’s 2023 release window.