Street Fighter Composer Claims One Fighter Won’t Ever Return

Over the last 35 years, the Street Fighter franchise has played host to a massive number of characters. However, it seems that one of them might not appear in the series for the foreseeable future: Fei Long. That bit of information was revealed by Street Fighter V composer Daniel Lindholm during a recent YouTube Q&A. Lindholm was asked about rewriting the themes for different fighters from the series, citing his desire to do just that for Fei Long. However, Fei Long’s likeness is an homage to Bruce Lee, and it seems that the Lee family no longer wants depictions of the actor that would be perceived as “comedic.”

“I do have other sources, not only Capcom, but friends of mine in the U.S. who are very close friends with the Lee family. And they basically said any kind of resemblance to Mr. Bruce Lee is now omitted for comedic effect, or comic stuff. It needs to be honorable. So, that’s why we won’t see Fei Long again. Ever,” said Lindholm.

It’s worth noting that this information has not been confirmed by Capcom. VG247 reached out to Capcom about Lindholm’s remarks, but a representative from the publisher states that it does “not comment on rumour and/or speculation.”

Fei Long was not a playable character in Street Fighter V, and if Lindholm’s claims are correct, it seems he won’t be appearing in Street Fighter 6, and that would be quite disappointing. The character debuted in 1993’s Super Street Fighter II, and has made a number of appearances in Street Fighter games and adaptations, since. The character even appeared in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, where he was voiced in the English dub by Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston! Given Fei Long’s history with the series, it would be a shame to see him disappear. For now, fans will just have to see how things play out.

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[H/T: VG247]