Super Smash Bros. Disappointing News Finally Confirmed

During a recent poker tournament featuring various popular YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, and influencers — in addition to various famous pro players — Tyler “Ninja” Blevins confirmed some disappointing Super Smash Bros. news. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate support has come to an end and there’s currently no word of the next game in the series, though it may already be in development. As a result, Super Smash Bros. fans are starting to get a little desperate for something to chew on. Unfortunately, the latest on the game is disappointing news only.

During the aforementioned tournament, Ninja revealed he and his team pushed hard for a massive $500,000 Super Smash Bros. tournament at Evo. However, despite how hard he pushed, Nintendo simply did not return the interest. According to the Twitch streamer, Nintendo “ghosted” him every time he attempted to make it happen. This was long theorized by fans, but this is the first time Ninja has come out and spilled the beans confirming it.

Ninja doesn’t say why Nintendo ghosted him, but that’s because it sounds like he doesn’t know himself. And as you would expect, Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the situation.

It’s unclear if the tournament was for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Super Smash Bros. Melee. If it was for the latter, that’s the only explanation we would need. Even if it was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate though, it wouldn’t be surprising Nintendo didn’t want to play ball. Nintendo’s relationship with Evo is a complicated one, and it seems even less interested now that Sony owns it. And of course, Nintendo also just has an infamous reputation for being horrid when it comes to supporting and nurturing the competitive scenes of its games.


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