Team Fortress 2 update lets you boot bots faster, unless they kick you

A new Team Fortress 2 update has arrived, featuring several updates aimed at solving the FPS game’s notorious bot and cheater issues highlighted by the recent SaveTF2 campaign. The new TF2 patch features an improved kick vote system designed to allow players of the FPS game to remove troublesome bot accounts from servers more quickly, and fixes an exploit which allowed players to enable cheats in ostensibly secure servers.

The June 21 Team Fortress 2 update allows both teams in a match to run a vote to kick at the same time, and also allows these votes to occur at the same time as a global vote. In lieu of any more substantial fixes to deal with bots, this should at least act as somewhat of a stopper against the never-ending tide for players to try and keep their servers under control.

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In addition, you can no longer change your name during a game – this was often used by bots to duplicate real player names and cause confusion. Another potentially troublesome exploit allowed players to activate the ‘sv_cheats’ command while playing on a secure server, allowing them to employ cheats in-game. This particular trick has now been patched out also.

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