Terraria: How To Beat The Blood Eel

Beneath a Blood Moon in Terraria, gamers can encounter a few of the fiercest foes within the sport. One among these highly effective creatures is the Blood Eel, which may erupt out of the tide to assault gamers from each under and above attributable to its mastery of flight. Their pace and energy will be troublesome for gamers to counter, even beneath optimum circumstances.

However, the Blood Eel nonetheless has some weaknesses that Terraria gamers can make the most of in the event that they plan accordingly. As typical, when dealing with down highly effective enemies on this survival sport, preparation will be the most effective weapon.

How To Discover The Blood Eel & Its Stats

Normal Stats

Kind of Enemy Flying Burrowing Kind of AI Worm HP 6000 Knockback Resistance 100%

Particular person Half Stats

Physique Section Injury Output Protection Blood Eel Head 90 0 Blood Eel Physique 60 30 Blood Eel Tail 50 40

The Blood Eel is without doubt one of the few enemies that may solely be discovered by fishing whereas a Blood Moon is within the sky. The others that may be discovered this fashion are the Hemogoblin Shark, the Wandering Eye Fish, the Zombie Merman, and the Dreadnautilus. Regardless of this fearsome line-up possessing fairly a number of members, all of their spawn charges are comparatively low, which means that gamers will doubtless should attempt for some time to spawn any of them.

Moreover, there is not a particular technique to get a Blood Eel to spawn over the others, so gamers might should tangle with different mighty adversaries earlier than this serpentine enemy rears its head.

How To Beat The Blood Eel in Battle

The Blood Eel’s Physique & Assaults

Not like the opposite Blood Moon fishing occasion enemies, the Blood Eel’s physique could be very lengthy and segmented into completely different parts that every have various Injury and Protection stats.

It should use all elements of its physique to harm the participant, although in a really simplistic method. The solely true assault the Blood Eel has in its arsenal is to cost wantonly on the participant to hit them with any a part of its physique that comes shut, although, it’s going to particularly at all times cost head-first, which means that this physique section is the principle damage-dealing portion.

It ought to be famous that regardless of every physique section possessing its personal Injury and Protection stats, all segments share the identical HP bar, which means that gamers can not destroy or sever segments. The solely technique to take down the Blood Eel is to make use of fully deplete its life bar whereas all segments are nonetheless intact.

Greatest Methods For Beating The Blood Eel

The a number of physique segments might appear to be it may possibly complicate issues when preventing the Blood Eel, nonetheless, the truth that it has 3 completely different physique items and a single HP bar implies that gamers can doubtlessly deal 3 instances the injury to this quick fiend in the event that they use the correct weapon.

Armaments that may pierce by way of foes, resembling sure sorts of arrows, will be enormously useful towards the Blood Eel. These wishing to make use of such assault strategies ought to attempt to shoot on the Blood Eel because it rushes ahead; the objective is to shoot arrows that pierce the pinnacle after which journey by way of the physique and tail segments as properly. This can deal virtually triple the injury however gamers ought to do not forget that every section has completely different Protection stats, so the HP misplaced from every section being injured will differ.

One other nice technique for hurting a number of physique segments of the Blood Eel concurrently is to utilize the plentiful explosives that may be present in Terraria, resembling grenades and explosive bullets. Such battlefield instruments can carry out the identical operate as piercing weapons, although doubtlessly with a better utility. With explosions, gamers need not line up a shot; solely spam explosives on the floor when the Blood Eel performs one in all its predictable cost assaults. Even when gamers haven’t got the most effective timing, a number of grenades or explosive rounds going off can take large chunks out of the Blood Eel every time that it passes by. Quickly, with sufficient explosives, the beast will probably be blown aside.

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