Terraria-like Core Keeper gets its first big content update next month

            <a href="https://www.pcgamesn.com/core-keeper" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Core Keeper’s</a> first major content update, The Sunken Sea, is set to arrive in June. Set in a brand-new water-based biome, players will be able to travel in boats, encounter multiple new enemy types, mine new valuables, experiment with new base building elements, and discover new fish, plants, and food.

The Sunken Sea, which is planned for release in June, will introduce a new water-based biome into the game, more transport methods, new weapons and gear, as well as four new enemies and fauna. The update will also bring nice quality-of-life improvements like map markers.

Pugstorm has also revealed that the game now features support for dedicated servers, allowing players to host multiplayer worlds for anyone to access at any time. Player-hosted multiplayer has also been updated to support Steam’s networking backend, which should solve a lot of the networking issues players previously encountered. You can find out how to set up your own dedicated server here.

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