The best apocalypse games on PC 2022

Looking for a list of the best apocalypse games on PC? There’s something about the end of the world that sounds more enticing than it probably should. No law, no order, and seemingly no consequences effectively turn the world into some kind of wild party. If anarchy isn’t your cup of the proverbial then you can spend your time exploring chaotic new frontiers, digging through the bombed-out ruins of a civilisation wiped out for supplies.

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse, a robot uprising, or nuclear fallout, the post-apocalypse is ripe for narrative experimentation in all forms of media – and games take full advantage of the setting by letting you decide what kind of wastelander you want to be. Will you bring justice? Domination? Salvation? These games give you a choice to start society anew and reflect on human nature, but most importantly you need to survive.

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We’ve foraged and scavenged eight of our favourite apocalypse games below – offering everything from horror and heartache, to exploration and tactical combat. So, whether you’re after drama, action, or a huge playground to explore, we’ve got you covered.

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