The best Diablo Immortal Wizard build for PvE

            Want to make the best Diablo Immortal Wizard build? While you could make the argument that any of the available characters can be the best <a href="">Diablo Immortal class</a>, the Wizard sadly finds itself at the bottom of our <a href="">Diablo Immortal tier list</a>. That’s not to say its fortunes won’t change over time in this fledgling <a href="">RPG game</a>, but for now, it struggles from a lack of power and a steep difficulty curve - there are so many skills to get your head around and using them in the right order takes a lot of practice.

With the right setup though, there is a case for choosing this class, as the best Diablo Immortal Wizard build is highly effective in a supporting role while delving through dungeons with other players. Additionally, by stacking chill effects with your spells, you can open up additional opportunities for your teammates to use their most damaging AoE attacks.

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Your choices for gear and gems are crucial for this build, and you need to get to level 41 to get the full suite of skills. It will take some time to get everything together, but once you do, you’ll become an invaluable ally for PvE dungeons and raids.

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