The best Disney games on PC in 2022

Disney is everywhere nowadays. We have the Disney+ streaming service, Disneyland with its Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars section, the Disney channel long past its glory days, and countless other offerings including the likes of Star Wars and Marvel Entertainment. You can’t look anywhere without seeing the grim silhouette of the mouse looming over all your entertainment options.

And while game adaptations of Disney are increasingly uncommon, with Disney closing their in-house game development studio in 2016, there are still plenty of current and upcoming PC games you can dive into.

Ranging from classic 90s click-based adventure games all the way to big-budget sandbox games, if you’re looking for a Pixar or Disney character in video game form, there will be something here for you (whether you want to play as the Incredibles or visit the world of Treasure Planet). All of the games featured below are available on many of the PC storefronts, so don’t fret about downloading mods or finding any emulation tools in order to play.

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