The best Genshin Impact Shenhe build

Looking for the best Genshin Impact Shenhe build? Shenhe, the disciple of the Cloud Retainer adeptus, is a Cryo Polearm character arriving in the Genshin Impact 2.4 update. She’s descended from a family of exorcists, and has a somewhat cold and distant personality as a result of spending most of her time in the mountains, isolated from society.

Shenhe is a five-star character, but she won’t fit every team – to utilise her full potential, the best Genshin Impact Shenhe build focuses on her support capabilities, enabling her to boost her teammates’ damage using her elemental skill, Spring Spirit Summoning. This skill grants allies Icy Quill stacks, buffing their Cryo damage output based on Shenhe’s current attack. This means she is well suited to providing buffs and generating energy for her teammates.

Therefore, the best Shenhe build increases Shenhe’s attack stat – we’ve got plenty of recommendations for the best artifacts and weapons below, as well as suggested Shenhe teams. However, if you’re considering wishing on Shenhe in the current Genshin Impact banner, bear in mind that some of her ascension materials come from Enkanomiya, a new area in Genshin Impact. If you’re not strong enough to go there yet, it may be a while before you can use Shenhe at full strength. Once you get there, though, here’s everything you need to put together the best Shenhe build.

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