The best Grav loadout in Warzone

Want to try the best Grav loadout in Warzone? The Grav is the latest addition to the arsenal of weapons in Warzone, bringing the total of Cold War assault rifles up to ten. With so many assault rifle options in the battle royale game, it takes a special weapon to break into the current Warzone meta. It’s early days right now, but it looks like the Grav could make a claim as one of the best Warzone assault rifles.

It’s not easy to overthrow weapons like the C58 or the FARA 83, instead the Grav differentiates itself in a few key areas. The base version of the Grav has the fastest bullet velocity of any assault rifle in Warzone, and the fire rate of the weapon is equal to the Groza. To top it off, the damage per shot of the Grav is the same as the QBZ-83, making it lethal in the right hands.

Once we optimise the build using the right attachments, the Grav certainly makes a claim for a spot on the best Warzone guns list. The Grav joins the game alongside the .410 Ironhide shotgun in Warzone Season 6. To unlock the Grav in the free battle pass, you just need to reach tier 30. Use these attachments to build the best Grav loadout in Warzone.

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