The best New World hatchet build for PvP and PvE

Looking for the best New World hatchet builds? Amazon’s new game moves away from the traditional class system found in other MMOs – instead, you have two slots to equip any New World weapon you like, which you can swap between at any time to rack up weapon experience points for every foe you defeat.

As you level up your weapons, you assign mastery points, unlocking powerful abilities and buffs to increase your potency on the battlefield. Each weapon also scales off particular attributes like strength or intelligence, so working out a combination that synergizes well is important. The hatchet scales primarily off strength, but also dexterity – this means there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to customizing a New World hatchet build.

The hatchet is a particularly formidable weapon due to the Berserk ability, which grants you a substantial attack damage boost, and can be upgraded to increase your movement speed, give you massive health regeneration, and grant immunity to crowd control. Here are the best New World hatchet builds for PvP and PvE.


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