The best Samurai games on PC in 2022

Looking for a good samurai game on PC? Samurai are the subject of ceaseless fascination for many gamers thanks to their ornate armour, razor-sharp weaponry, and the stories that have been told about them in other media thanks to directors like Akira Kurosawa and Yôji Yamada. However, there are surprisingly few dedicated samurai games, especially here on the best platform of all: PC.

To right that wrong, we’ve dug through every digital store and upcoming release in search of the very best samurai games around. With few options to choose from we’ve had to get a bit creative with our choices, so expect some games that only feature samurai in limited roles, games with characters like samurai, ronin games, and heaps of different genres. Everything from hack-and-slash games and strategy behemoths to action-adventure games and multiplayer brawlers is on the cards for this samurai games list.

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Join us as we breakdown eight of the top samurai games on PC, from old games classics to new samurai games.

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