Want to know who the best Vampire Survivors characters are? You only have the whip-wielding vampire hunter Antonio available when you first start this <a href="https://www.pcgamesn.com/best-roguelike-games-pc">roguelike game</a>, but by fulfilling specific requirements you can <a href="https://www.pcgamesn.com/vampire-survivors/unlock-characters">unlock more Vampire Survivors characters</a>, weapons, and items to use in every run

Some Vampire Survivors characters are better than others, depending on their starting equipment or permanent bonuses; the likelihood of finishing a run is more of a certainty with the right build, especially if you use Vampire Survivor weapon evolutions to combine items to achieve their more powerful form.

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Nearly every update adds a new Vampire Survivors character to the roster, so to help you get the best start to a winning run, we’ve picked a handful of characters we consider to be the cream of the crop. For each one, we’ll go over their buffs and debuffs, starting weapons, and which Arcana you can choose to amplify the best build for that character.