Which war games are worth your time? It’s a tricky question to answer since war is sort of the default here in the world of PC gaming. It never changes, whether you're re-fighting WW2 or blowing planes out of the sky with bazookas in Battlefield. PC games are, as DC Comics eloquently once put, in a state of Infinite Crisis and it's not like we're spoiled for choice, even if you want to focus on just the 'best'.

Nevertheless, we’ve chosen some highlights from quality war games on PC for your persual, from calmer free-to-play options, to serious strategy games that cover some of history’s most serious conflicts. This means a range of genres and game types, so hopefully they’ll be something here for everyone below.

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This is a living list where we try to keep things fresh by rotating games in and out, so make sure you check back reguarly. We also stick the free-to-play options up top by default, so if you’re looking for something else you’ll need to scroll down a bit. Check out our sister website Wargamer for plenty more dedicated coverage from the world of war games.

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