The best Warzone UGR loadout

            Are you searching for the best UGR loadout in Warzone Pacific? This powerful Warzone gun is quickly becoming one of the <a href="https://www.pcgamesn.com/call-of-duty-warzone/best-smg-warzone">best SMGs in Warzone</a>, so here's how to build your setup to get the most from it.

The UGR is a new Black Ops Cold War gun; it has a solid fire rate and high accuracy, making it a worthy contender among the best Warzone guns. You want to use the UGR at close range, but it can span a good distance due to its accuracy, although it does suffer with a low mag size. You can improve this by using Explosive Flechettes which deal explosive damage on impact – though we don’t recommend using this ammo type, unless you’re carrying throwing knives to finish off downed players. So what is the best UGR loadout in Warzone?

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The UGR is now available to players in Warzone and it’s simple to unlock, you just need to use an SMG to kill an enemy while a UAV plane is out in 15 different matches. As this is a Cold War gun, you don’t need to use as many attachments as Vanguard weapons, so here’s how to build the best UGR Warzone loadout.