The BioWare Drama Took A WILD Turn… | Avengers’ Sad Delay, Cyberpunk RELEASE + MORE

The fallout of Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah leaving BioWare took a strange turn! Avengers has taken yet another knock, Activision is suing Netflix, and a whole bunch more!
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00:00 Intro
00:08 The Future of Dragon Age
01:33 Bioware Retiree vs “Dragon Age’s Cullen”
06:35 Naughty Dog Promotions
08:20 Square’s Hawkeye(s) Miss Opening Shot?
09:32 Cyberpunk’s Launch Detailed
10:25 Black Ops Sidesteps Cyberpunk
11:06 The Game Awards Still Exists
12:42 Rapid Roundup (Squadrons, Acti v Netflix, Starbreeze & Witcher)
15:15 Closing Thoughts