The Callisto Protocol has a gravity gun and we like it very much

            Striking Distance unveiled the first raw gameplay footage of <a href="">The Callisto Protocol</a> during Summer Game Fest 2022, but more importantly, Striking Distance CEO Glen Schofieled revealed The Callisto Protocol’s gravity gun. The gravity gun is one among many weapons at your disposal in the fight to stay alive, and from what we've seen so far, it certainly sounds like the most interesting one.

The Callisto Protocol’s gravity gun pulls enemies towards you, as you’d expect from the name, and it also lets you shove them away into obstacles, including the giant fan blades that seem distressingly common throughout the ship. Schofield mentioned other abilities, including the option to tear enemies apart. It’s gruesome, but we’re not complaining. The Callisto Protocol is shaping up to be a brutal horror game, and anything that lets us survive just a smidgeon longer is fine by us.

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The remainder of the footage showed the protagonist solving a simple puzzle to activate some of the ubiquitous blades before meeting his end in their merciless grip. As you’d expect from Striking Distance, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.