The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Everything You Missed in “Death Falls”

Last week on The Flash, Deathstorm revealed his endgame. The terrifying entity wanted to claim Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) for his bride and began the transformation process. But Caitlin wasn’t quite ready to be turned, giving Team Flash a bit of time to come up with a plan to save her. That plan? Turn Frost (Panabaker) into a version of herself that can go toe to toe with Deathstorm and take him out for good. This week, the team puts that plan into action. It’s the most daring plan the team has ever attempted, and the stakes have never been higher… and victory may come with the highest price. Need to find out what happened on this week’s episode of The Flash? We’ve got you covered with our recap, but just know that there are full spoilers beyond this point for “Death Falls”.

The episode picks up where last week left off, with Eddie appearing in Barry and Iris’ apartment. Eddie immediately starts trying to take care of Iris, going to make tea and such. When Sue questions things, he introduces himself as Iris’ fianc? — and he’s making the water boil with his hand, a dark steam coming from the kettle. At STAR Labs, the team works on the MAC in preparation to turn Frost into the Anti-Deathstorm. Caitlin’s condition continues to decline and with time running out, Frost calls Mark to help. However, before anything can go much further, things start to get weird. The lights go out and soon Allegra, Chester, and Barry are all visited by dead loved ones — Deathstorm is there. He appears to Frost to speak with her. He tells her about his origin, claiming to be the master of death and all its inhabitants.

Frost tries to take Deathstorm out but can’t. he then goads her by telling her that she won’t be bothered by his phantoms as her grief isn’t real. He further tells her that she has no real emotions because she’s just a copy. He tells her that she was built as a copy and that she doesn’t have her own consciousness or soul and therefore she’s not even real to begin with. While she confronts Deathstorm, Allegra and Chester are locked in his lab with the heat turned up to torture them for their grief. Barry is stuck in the Time Vault with his mom’s ghost to amp up his grief. At the loft, Sue and Iris try to get to her phone to call for help, but she fails. Eddie is onto them. Cecile can sense that the grief in the building is getting more intense and Caitlin is starting to change even more. The grief is all flooding into Caitlin. It’s Deathstorm’s plan to transform her.

Mark shows up having swiped what is needed to finish the MAC. He and Frost get to work while the members of Team Flash are all tortured by “ghosts”, though the ghost of Eddie almost fails when Joe shows up. Sue had managed to hit the panic button before her phone was toast, but Eddie soon regains the upper hand. Back STAR, Mark turns on the MAC, but Frost doesn’t transform. Mark suggests it would work on anything with a consciousness and Frost says that’s the problem because she doesn’t have one. She’s not real. Frost and Mark end up having a chat and he explains to her that even if Frost started as a copy meant to protect Caitlin, that doesn’t mean she’s not real. He tells her that he loves Caitlin so much that it’s possible the reason her grief is so buried is because she loves so hard. Mark then figures out what they need to make the transformation work.

Frost goes and pours her heart out to Caitlin, telling her that Caitlin makes her life complete and confesses her fear about losing her sister. Frost starts to cry, and the transformation happens. All the transformation needed was a spark of grief. Hell Frost is born. She wipes out all of Deathstorm’s ghosts, saving Team Flash. It’s now time to go after the big bad himself. Frost says her goodbye to Mark just in case and heads out. Deathstorm shows up thinking he’s ready to collect Caitlin, but it’s Frost and they fight, taking it to the skies over Central City. Frost takes a hit, but when Deathstorm comes to finish her off, Hell Frost defeats him, absorbing all of his power. Deathstorm is defeated and Caitlin recovers, but Hell Frost collapses.


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They rush her back to the lab and Caitlin gets to work trying to save her. Frost’s ice healing isn’t kicking in. It turns out that her body can’t handle all the power — Deathstorm had a lot more of it and a lot more experience. Caitlin injects her to bring back regular Frost and thus kick in her ice healing to save her. Frost transforms back and opens her eyes. She looks up and sees her sister and seems relieved Caitlin is okay but then flatlines. Caitlin is unable to bring her back. Frost dies. Barry and Caitlin go and tell the team, and everyone is devastated. Mark in particular loses it, and Caitlin completely breaks down. Frost is gone.