Previously on The Flash, the team defeated Deathstorm and prevented him from transforming Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) into his sinister bride, but their victory was not without a heavy cost. Frost (Panabaker) died after defeating Deathstorm, her body unable to handle absorbing the terrifying entity’s powers. It was a shocking loss and one that left the team devastated, especially Caitlin. This week, the team begins to move forward and say goodbye to their lost friend while also trying to keep Central City safe. Need to find out what happened on this week’s episode of The Flash? We’ve got you covered with our recap, but just know that there are full spoilers for “Funeral For a Friend” beyond this point.

The episode opens with a montage of Team Flash mourning even as they are trying to get back to their everyday lives: Chester at Jitters, Allegra at work, Iris on the street, Barry in the medical lab at STAR, reliving Frost’s death. An alarm goes off for a bank robbery in process. Someone in a suit of some sort is outpowering the police and The Flash shows up at just the right moment, as does Allegra and Cecile. The guy is wearing a stolen exo suit form Ivo Labs. Things get bad fast, especially when Chester mistakenly calls on Frost, destabilizing the team. It’s up to Cecile to stop the criminal, but she can’t do it. The suspect gets away.

The criminal is Blockbuster and there are no tips or leads. The team is struggling so Barry goes to give them a pep talk, and Caitlin isn’t there as she’s preparing for the funeral. Joe suggests that the team does the same and take a break, but Barry disagrees. Caitlin shows up. She says her mom is handling the funeral and it’s clear Caitlin’s not handling her grief well as she says she’s not going to Frost’s funeral. She leaves and Joe says the team needs to face their grief and honor Frost.

Iris has lunch with Cecile, and they talk about honoring Frost. Cecile says that she is going to take up pro bono work for a cause Frost was passionate about. Iris says she is writing a special obituary for her, but she can’t bring herself to write it without exposing herself as a member of Team Flash. She ends up passing the task to a staff member with experience writing obituaries. Later, at Jitters, she has Frost’s mom, Karla, read the draft, but she says it feels cold and impersonal. She also wants to check on Iris. Iris confides that she doesn’t know what to say because she never really got to know her. Karla tells Iris that all Frost cared about was protecting people. Iris ends up recording a podcast about Frost and has on people as guests who she saved or whose lives she changed. At Jitters, the name of the Killer Frost drink is changed to just Frost.

It’s Allegra and Chester’s turn. In Chester’s lab, they try to figure out how to honor Frost and Chester has an idea to make an eternal flame for her similar to what was done for Oliver Queen, but Allegra shoots it down. They bicker about a sandwich and Barry pops in looking for a parka before Allegra gets a notification that something is happening at the bar. Turns out that Mark/Chillblaine is drunk and a little out of control. Allegra and Chester intervene but they continue bickering instead. He passes out and they bring them back to STAR Labs. They stop bickering after hearing Mark talk about Frost before he passes out and they decide that they will hang Frost’s jacket — not her costume — in their hall of heroes to honor her.

Now we move on to Barry. He is building a snowman as he works his way down Frost’s bucket list for living a fulfilled life — that snowman being on top of a mountain. That list includes ice sculptures, hanging one of her artworks in the Louvre, and an eating contest. Back at STAR, Mark wakes up and startles Barry. Mark finds the list and the two men talk about Frost. Turns out finishing the list didn’t feel complete for Barry. Mark tells Barry all Frost really wanted was to take care of the people she loved.

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Caitlin. After leaving STAR, she goes home and takes Frost’s art off the wall and starts packing up everything related to her sister and then sits on the couch and seems to disassociate until Barry shows up before the funeral. She’s not happy he’s there. He tells her to ask herself what Frost would want for her. Caitlin says Frost would tell her to stop being an idiot and she opened up about Frost was always the voice in her head supporting her but now she’s gone, and she doesn’t feel whole. Barry tells Caitlin that Frost’s voice is still inside Caitlin and with that in mind, she’s never really gone.

Caitlin goes to the funeral and delivers the eulogy and then promises Frost that she will keep her alive, metaphorically. After the funeral, they all talk about Frost at the West house as they do, they get an alert about Blockbuster. The team suits up while Caitlin stays and chats with Joe, but not before making a call. She meets Mark at her apartment, and she has a gene sequencer. Turns out, Caitlin wasn’t talking metaphorically. She’s turned her home into a lab. She plans to bring Frost back and wants Mark’s help.


At CCC Media, Taylor turns in a good article that Iris says will go on the front page. She also tries to claim Allegra did a bad job in her absence and now Taylor also wants to figure out who else The Flash works with. After Taylor leaves Iris’ office, Iris disappears, lost in time.

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.