The next Vampire Survivors character can’t move and is a tree

The release of Vampire Survivors update 0.7.3 is imminent and various details about the survival game‘s next patch have started leaking out – including the new playable characters coming. One of these new Vampire Survivors characters is a top-hat-wearing gentleman who throws furniture, and the other is a tree. Literally, a tree.

The initial tease for the vampire game‘s new update was that we may actually get a vampire this time, but as usual with Vampire Survivors the reality is even crazier than we possibly could’ve hoped.

First up is the fantastically-named new character Sir Ambrojoe, whose starting power is the ability to drop furniture on people – which is represented by a Kinder egg, for some reason. This is fun enough, just watching pianos, tables, and wardrobes fall from the sides of the screen and smack enemies in the face, before we get on to the secret character, Peppino.

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