The Perfect Castlevania Timeline (Chapter IV: The Legendary Simon Belmont) – Untold Legends

Welcome to the Perfect Castlevania Timeline, the story Konami won’t tell you! In this Untold Legends special the complete, classic Castlevania story comes together weaving lore from the games, Netflix series, and manga into a coherent, detailed storyline. In Part 4, the story of the legendary Simon Belmont is told. After escaping the retribution of Dracula’s forces for the destruction of the Order of Shadows, Simon finds himself taken in by a tribe of mighty barbarians. After years of training and persistent thoughts of vengeance, he sets out to destroy Dracula and sets off a chain of events that puts himself, and the world, in danger. Subscribe, like, and enjoy!
NOTE: As made clear in Part 1, this is not intended to be a canon representation of the Castlevania storyline. It’s another fun interpretation to make pieces fit together that were never meant to.

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