The Razer Smart Home App aims to sync all RGB lights regardless of brand

The best RGB LED kits are a bit of a double-edged sword. You might be able to give your household a new lease of life with a splash of colour, but dare to mix and match your brands and you’ll end up juggling several different applications just to control them. Fortunately, Razer has the solution with its Razer Smart Home App, which will hopefully one day act as a one-stop-shop to control all your gizmos and gadgets.

Since many brands already integrate Razer Chroma support, there are more than 50 hardware partners that will work with the app at launch, including Nanoleaf, Yeelight, and LIFX. Govee is a notable absentee, but that could very well change, as Razer has an open invitation to its Chroma Smart Home Program and teases that more partners are signing up.

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The smartphone app’s homepage doesn’t look too different from individual alternatives, with devices split between rooms, households, and routines. The only exception is that you’ll finally be able to synchronise supported devices regardless of manufacturer, including your gaming PC.

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