The Sims 4’s next kit adds masculine skirts

The Sims 4 launched a new expansion type earlier this year with kits, tiny packs of furniture or fashion. They’ve, uh, not been the most popular type of content in the game’s community, but they’ve apparently been successful enough that EA and Maxis keep making them. Today, the devs have announced the Modern Menswear Kit, which introduces a whole bunch of nontraditional masculine clothing.

The new kit is a collaboration with London-based fashion brand Stefan Cooke, and features 23 items. The official announcement runs down “jackets, trousers, suits, and shoes, as well as some of the designers’ favorite pieces, including the Stefan Cooke Wool Varsity Coat with Skirt, a design that perfectly encapsulates the evolution of modern menswear”.

The kit seems especially focused on sweaters, and there appear to be a few specific holiday-themed items among the group. Of course, the most ‘nontraditional’ bits are the masculine skirts. The Sims 4 already lets you ignore gender boundaries for clothing, but these specific options should be a bit more flattering for masculine frames.

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