The Suffering | Full Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

The Suffering (Full Game Movie Playthrough) Longplay Letsplay. 1080P/PC. Normal Difficulty (Good Ending)

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This is a Complete Walkthrough of The Suffering, played on PC. Difficulty settings – Normal.

Game Description –
The player controls Torque, a man who has been sent to Abbott State Penitentiary on Carnate Island, Maryland. Torque has been convicted and sentenced to death for murdering his ex-wife and two children, although he claims to have blacked out at the time this happened and cannot remember anything. The night Torque arrives, there is a powerful earthquake, which releases an army of monsters upon the facility. Torque’s cell door breaks and he is freed from captivity. Starting from his cell, Torque traverses the prison in an attempt to escape Carnate Island alive.

-The Suffering is a psychological horror video game, developed mainly by Surreal Software and published by Midway Games, released in 2004 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows. The game featured monster designs by Stan Winston.

Developer – Surreal Software.
Publisher – Midway Games, Encore.
Release – 2004.
Platform – PS2/XBOX/PC.