The Walking Dead Miniatures Game Is Ending

The Walking Dead Miniatures Game is coming to an end. Mantic Games has announced that they will cease publication and sale of its popular miniatures game as of March 31, 2022. Mantic Games has produced the game since 2016 beginning with a successful Kickstarter that raised over $685,000 centered around the “All Out War” arc. Mantic would go on to release seven separate story arcs that covered the bulk of The Walking Dead comics story. The game is a miniatures skirmish game, with players building groups of different factions and fighting in different scenarios, with the franchise’s iconic zombies serving as a constant threat for both players. Most characters from the comics, ranging from iconic characters like Rick, the Governor, and Negan to minor characters who only appeared for an issue or two, made an appearance in The Walking Dead Miniatures Game, along with plenty of walkers with different abilities. Like other miniatures skirmish games, players would assemble and paint their own miniatures, with the hobby aspect of the game being a major part of the online community surrounding the game.

With The Walking Dead comics series ending and the main television series wrapping up its final season, Mantic Games announced that it was also ending support for the game. From now until the end of March, Mantic Games will offer various The Walking Dead products at a discounted rate on their website to clear out stock and help collectors get any missing pieces they need.

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Mantic produced the game in partnership with Skybound Entertainment. It is noted that Skybound Entertainment, the Robert Kirkman-owned company that manages The Walking Dead franchise, has a tabletop publishing imprint. With Mantic Games ceasing sales of The Walking Dead Miniatures Game, it seems that they are letting the license revert back to Skybound. Skybound has not announced whether they have any plans to adapt The Walking Dead into any new tabletop games.


You can check out Mantic Games’ full line of The Walking Dead Miniatures Game on their website. Interested parties have until March 31, 2022 to make any final purchases.