THE WORLDS FASTEST INDIAN Is The Best Anthony Hopkins Film You May Have Never Seen

The 2005 film, The Worlds Fastest Indian, is a favorite movie of mine. In fact, it’s my favorite Anthony Hopkins movie, and it’s a movie that I know a lot of people haven’t seen. Whenever I bring it up in a conversation with people, even people that are hardcore movie geeks, it’s a film that many of them have never even heard of.

I noticed the movie recently popped up on Amazon Prime Video and I revisited it. This movie is so damn good! It tells the wonderful and charming true story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years rebuilding and perfecting his classic 1920 Indian motorcycle.

The story is set in 1967 and one of his life-long goals was to take his crazy motorcycle to Utah’s salt flats, where he attempts the impossible, to set a new world record for speed. The record that Munro set more than three decades ago still has not been broken to this day.

Munro was quite a lovable character and Hopkins delivered a perfect performance playing this guy. I still can’t believe Hopkins wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for his performance. Burt Munro was 68 years old when he set the world record. Anthony Hopkins was 68 years old when he shot this movie.

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The movie was written and directed by Roger Donaldson (The Getaway, Species, Thirteen Days, The Bounty, The Recruit), and it also features a few other actors that you’d recognize including Bruce Greenwood and Walton Goggins.

This is a movie that you’ve got to watch if you’ve never seen it. And if you have seen it, it’s totally worth revisiting. I’ve included a couple of trailers and clips for you to watch below. One of those clips features the end of the movie, when Munro sets the land speed record. Watch the whole movie, though, because it’s a great journey!