This sinister Starfield secret is straight out of Dead Space

There are a lot of Starfield secrets hiding in the recent gameplay trailer, let alone the final RPG game. One player discovered the much-memed space cheese sandwich hiding in a single shot, but this new discovery is much less joyful. In fact, this creepy Starfield Easter is more like something out of a horror game, such as Dead Space or System Shock.

The gameplay trailer contains just a handful of the 1,000 planets available in Starfield, but one of the major cities in the game is called Neon – a gaudy, Cyberpunk 2077-like location. In the city’s first shot in the gameplay showcase, players have spotted some graffiti next to a vent with the sinister warning “they are coming.”

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We can only speculate as to who “they” are, but it certainly sounds ominous and like something you’d see in Citadel Station or the USG Ishimura. One possible culprit is a Starship Troopers-like four-legged creature that appears on a whiteboard in the lockpicking scene as the subject of a cloning experiment, with disturbing scratches on the metal walls elsewhere in that location.

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