This Starfield weapons feature will delight no-HUD players

The recent gameplay demo revealed a lot about how players can fight in Bethesda’s eagerly-awaited space game, and it looks like the various Starfield weapons share a special feature that’ll relieve no-HUD enthusiasts – an in-world ammo counter.

We already know a lot about the Starfield guns shown off in the Xbox Showcase reveal, but now one fan of HUD-less immersive gaming has spotted that all of the RPG game‘s weapons have a built-in ammo counter display on them – a feature most Bethesda games leave out, with the exception of Prey.

While some of these ammo counters are obvious – like the huge number display on the back of the pistol – others are more subtle. The laser rifle, for example, shows a charge meter rather than ammo, and another seems to show clicks instead. Furthermore, while user A-N-H says the double-barrelled shotgun is the only gun not to have the feature – which would be understandable – a closer look at the gameplay trailer reveals that it does.

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