Toonami Shares Heartfelt Tribute to Cowboy Bebop Screenwriter, Keiko Nobumoto

Adult Swim’s Toonami block surprised fans during the New Year’s Day broadcast with a heartfelt tribute to screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto following her passing last December. Nobumoto had contributed to a number of the biggest anime classics fans still hold in high regard with not only creating Wolf’s Rain, but writing scripts for series such as Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy, and Carole and Tuesday. Following a battle with esophageal cancer last December, Nobumoto unfortunately passed at the age of 57. It’s a loss that anime fans are still mourning to this day, and a major loss for the industry overall too.

Reflecting just how much Keiko Nobumoto has contributed to the anime scene for fans around the world, Toonami (which has been the broadcast home for many of the series that Nobumoto had contributed to over the course of her career) started off its special Cowboy Bebop marathon for New Year’s Day by honoring the writer with a heartfelt tribute to Nobumoto following her passing. You can see their tribute to the anime legend below as shared through Toonami’s official Facebook page:

Cowboy Bebop | Keiko Nobumoto

Eternal thanks to a legend. Rest in peace.

Posted by Toonami on Saturday, December 18, 2021

Keiko Nobumoto started things off with the special TV anime project Hiroshima ni Ichiban Densha ga Hashita back in 1993, but truly became known around the world for her work as the head writer on Cowboy Bebop soon after. The success of that series for Sunrise eventually lead her to create Wolf’s Rain, produced by Studio Bones a few years after that series came to an end. She would continue to work with director Shinichiro Watanabe over the years on series such as Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy, and even most recently Carole & Tuesday. If you have a particular line that you love from any of these projects, Nobumoto is the one to thank for that.


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Nobumoto’s loss is one that will be felt for quite a long time as her touch in the scripts will surely be missed by fans all over the world. Even just watching more of the Cowboy Bebop anime during Toonami’s New Year’s Day marathon swirled up all of those feelings once more, and it’s clear that Adult Swim and Toonami are joining fans in the wake of such a loss. Nobumoto will surely be missed by many, and our thoughts go out to her family, friends, and loved ones at this time.