Trailer For The Crazy, Fun, and Intense Film EMERGENCY Takes Place During One Wild College Night

Amazon Prime Video has released the first trailer for a great dark comedy titled Emergency, which is set over the course of one wild night. I had the opportunity to see this movie at Sundance earlier this year and it was actually one of the better films that I saw there this year.

The story centers on two friends in college who embark on an epic night as they attempt to be the first black students to complete their school’s frat party legendary tour, which involves attending seven frat parties. Their whole plan falls apart when they find a white girl passed out on their living room floor, and things quickly escalate into a chaotic mess. They feel like they’ve found themselves in a horrible situation.

I said in my review: “The whole night escapes into a crazy, intense ending that will have audiences on the edge of their seats. There are things you expect to see happen, but in a way, it subverts these expectations, which I appreciated. The movie takes audiences on quite a harrowing journey, and it leads to a pretty powerful ending.”

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Here’s the synopsis:

Straight-A college student Kunle and his laid-back best friend, Sean, are about to have the most epic night of their lives. Determined to be the first Black students to complete their school’s frat party legendary tour, the friends strap in for their ultimate assignment, Solo cups in hand. But a quick pit stop at home alters their plans when they find a white girl passed out on the living room floor. Faced with the risks of calling the police under life-threatening optics, Kunle, Sean, and their Latino roommate, Carlos, must find a way to de-escalate the situation before it’s too late.

The movie was directed by Carey Williams (“R#J”) and written by K.D. Dávila (Motherland: Fort Salem) and it stars RJ Cyler, Donald Elise Watkins, and Sebastian Chacon.

Emergency will be released on May 27th.