Tribes of Midgard’s next season begins this month, with a new saga boss and boats

A new season of Tribes of Midgard will start up this month, expanding the Viking game with new mechanics, new gear, new runes – and a fearsome new saga boss to hunt down and destroy before the arrival of Fimbulwinter. Season 2: Serpent Saga kicks off December 14, and when it does, prepare to take to the high seas.

Season two introduces new seafaring mechanics to Tribes of Midgard. The free update adds the shipyard, which you’ll find near your village on an ash beach. Once you’ve rebuilt it, you’ll be able to craft boat kits, which you can use to create a range of boats. These will prove to be important in season two, since you’ll be searching for a new saga boss, which developer Norsfell hints is hidden away in a mysterious island lair.

While Norsfell hasn’t said so officially, the ‘Serpent Saga’ title for the season suggests rather strongly that you’ll be hunting down Jörmungandr, who is both a massive sea serpent and the middle child of trickster god Loki and Angrboða, the legendary jötunn and mother of monsters.