Truck Simulator’s free 1.43 update is in open beta, with ownable dumpers

The next major update for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 is coming in fast – so fast, in fact, that it’s already here in beta form. The 1.43 open beta is now available in both truck games, giving you a chance to test out the new features while they’re still a little bit buggy. Here’s what to expect.

Both games are getting ownable dumpers. (Or ‘dump trailers’, as every trucker I’ve ever known has called them.) In ATS, you’ll have access to end dumpers, live floor dumpers, and side dumpers, and the latter will be available in B-double, turnpike, and single configurations. In ETS2, you’ll be able to choose between aluminium and steel bodies, short or long lengths, and two or three axles.

You’ll also see – or rather, hear – an interior cabin sound update in both games, which should bring us more realistic sound simulation when driving in first person. An update to fonts will also make sure all the onscreen text looks sharp at every resolution.

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