Umar Origins – This Pure Evil Dominating Sister Of Dormammu Is Ruler Of Marvel’s Dark Dimension

Doctor Strange has been the talk of the town these days with the major success of the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We have previously seen him battle many foes, including Dormammu the sorcerer from the Dark Dimension who he fought extensively in a time loop battle. The Dark Dimension and its people are thus not unknown or unfamiliar to Strange. At the very end of the Multiverse of Madness movie, in a mid-credits scene, Doctor Strange is seen following a sorceress into the Dark Dimension to help fix an incursion that he had inadvertently triggered.
All of this points to greater evils that come from the Dark Dimension and lie in wait for him and one of them happens to be the Lord of Chaos, Dormammu’s sister, Umar. Belonging to the same dimension that he does, she is a firehouse of power with a unique penchant for destruction and has a complicated relationship with Doctor Strange.