UPDATE: More WWE Releases Reportedly Coming Soon

WWE will have another round of releases coming soon, according to the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez. He stated on the latest Wrestling Observer Live (h/t WrestlingNews.co), “WWE is on another firing spree. You’ll hear more about it soon. At this moment I know that people are getting fired in NXT. It appears to be mostly office by the way, at this point. This could change but right now it seems to be office people.” WWE released more than 80 wrestlers in 2021, ranging from former main eventers to Performance Center developmental talent.

Update: WWE sent out the following statement shortly after Alvarez’s report dropped — “With the continued evolution of NXT 2.0, we’ve decided to part ways with some of the staff based in our Performance Center. We thank them for their many contributions throughout the years and wish them the best.”

WWE president Nick Khan gave an interview with Ariel Helwani during SummerSlam weekend last August and gave his thoughts on the waves of releases. Most of the firings were officially listed as budget cuts.

“I don’t know that there’s one explanation for it,” Khan said. “I think ultimately what’s looked at is, is this person — for us — going to move the needle now, or in the imminent future. So, by the way, we had a tryout, a two-day tryout in Las Vegas which ended yesterday. Which Triple H, and Johnny Laurinaitis, and Bruce Prichard were all across, as were the rest of us. We’ve signed over a dozen new talent coming out of that tryout. And I’m not suggesting, “Oh that’s why we cut the other talent.” But we’re always looking for what’s next. We live in the present, we live in the future. We don’t live in the past. So when people leave, and they move on with their life and their careers? That’s good by us. For us, it’s what works for us and our product at that moment in time, and again, what’s gonna work down the road. And largely in part the existing roster is based on that.”


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