V Rising 1.0 will improve the game’s longevity, says devs

So is V Rising live service or something the developer feels needs large player counts to be successful? It seems that’s not the case, as according to the survival game‘s creators Stunlock Studios, although it is working towards making the final V Rising 1.0 release “an evolution” of the vampire game – with “improved longevity” too.

In a new interview with SegmentNext, developer Stunlock Studios revealed a selection of new details about the direction V Rising is headed with its final 1.0 release – whenever that will be. The RPG game has received excellent sales figures on Steam, and a number of those players are worried about longevity in particular.

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Regarding player retention, Stunlock believes V Rising doesn’t need “a large population to continue to be fun, and it really just isn’t a live service game in that sense.” While the team is “incredibly thankful” for the support from players, it doesn’t “feel beholden to keeping every single person playing indefinitely.”

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