Video: The Cast of THIS IS US Talks About the Series’ Final Season in Featurette “A Final Chapter to Remember”

NBC has released a new featurette for the final season of the beloved series This is Us, titled “A Final Chapter to Remember”. The video includes several glimpses at the first two episodes of Season 6 – episode 1, “The Challenger”, in which The Big Three celebrate their 41st birthday, and episode 2, “Lovebirds”, in which Nicky, Rebecca and Miguel go on a road trip. The footage, which also was included in the Season 6 trailer released last month, features Jack and the triplets in 1986 as well as Rebecca speaking of her fear over losing her memory as her battle with Alzheimer’s starts to take over.

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While the decline of Rebecca’s health will be a central storyline in the final season, actor Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby in the series, said, “As sad as it is, I think these last episodes are quite joyful.”

But they will still make you cry. Because it is This is Us, after all. Check out the featurette below, and watch the final season premiere on NBC on January 4th.