Vincent D’Onofrio Talks About the Differences Between Wilson Fisk in DAREDEVIL and HAWKEYE and His Hopes for the Character’s Future

Fans were excited to see the return of two characters from the Netflix Marvel Universe in the recent movie Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Disney+ series Hawkeye. We had been promised that these characters were not gone for good, but so much time had passed, it was hard to believe until it was seen.

Vincent D’Onofrio returned as the big bad villain Kingpin, and some fans thought he was a watered down version of the brutal psycho we saw in the series Daredevil. Others may have just felt that he just didn’t have enough screen time in the story to really show his range, but everyone can agree that we hope this wasn’t the last we’ve seen of him. Even the actor agrees.

In a recent interview with ComicBook, the actor acknowledged the differences between playing the character on Netflix versus Disney+, saying:

“I think the [different] tones are obvious. I think it’s less bloody. We talked a lot about it, and for me, it’s not a worry, because if I ever get the chance to take it further with the MCU, then I’m going to do the same work I did on ‘Daredevil,’ like I did in ‘Hawkeye.’ [Fisk is] about emotional brutality, and he is just a mess. He’s a broken monster, and he is capable of many different kinds of brutality…so none of that worried me during ‘Hawkeye.’ I did notice obviously that there’s less blood and there’s less torture. The thing you have to do is, you have to stay away from torture, and that really cuts things down. A lot of baddies that you play, they’re not just baddies, but they also actually torture people. They get control of them, and torture, and that’s too hardcore. So that’s out for ‘Hawkeye,’ and hopefully something will happen after this.”

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He is definitely right about the tone and content of Hawkeye. It isn’t the right place for a villain as hardcore as Wilson Fisk can be. But I do hope that we do get to see the wrath of Kingpin in its entirety again someday. Maybe in a Daredevil movie??