Vudu Celebrating Jason Voorhees With Friday the 13th Sale

This week marks the only time this year in which the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday, making it 2022’s only Friday the 13th, an event that Vudu is honoring with a sale on many beloved entries into the Friday the 13th franchise. Fans will be able to add the first eight installments in the slasher series to their digital HDX collection for just $13 on May 13th, a value of more than $100. Given that there won’t be another Friday the 13th this year, it seems unlikely that Vudu fans will get such a good deal on this slasher bundle.

In case the eight films in the Friday the 13th franchise aren’t enough slashers to keep you going, Vudu will also have a sale running on a number of other genre staples, like The Predator, Hereditary, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween Kills, and more. Both sales will only be available on May 13th.

For fans wondering why these eight films are bundled together, it’s because these are the eight films in the franchise that were released through Paramount Pictures. Following the release of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, franchise creator Sean S. Cunningham brought the series to New Line Cinema, which owns the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The studio released the next three films in the series, which includes the crossover film Freddy vs. Jason.

During the ’80s, the series released an impressive eight installments, only for the development of follow-up films to see major delays in subsequent years. Sadly, there are no confirmed plans for when the franchise could make its return, as a lawsuit regarding the rights to the series has complicated any possible future for the series.

Cunningham owned the title “Friday the 13th” and hired Victor Miller to write a film inspired by the title, thus resulting in the original 1980 film. From there, Miller had little involvement in the series, with Cunningham maintaining ownership of the title. However, given how much of that original film came directly from Miller, he sought ownership over various components of the franchise, resulting in years of legal battles before the courts finally ruled in his favor last December.


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Until the two parties can come to terms and settle the matter, fans will be left waiting and only able to revisit previous films in the series.

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