Watch: Anna Jay Delivers Street Fight Win With Brutal Barbed Wire Finisher on AEW Rampage

Tonight’s episode of AEW Rampage featured a much anticipated Street Fight between two teams that dislike each other quite a bit. That would be the team of Anna Jay and Tay Conti taking on the team of Penelope Ford and The Bunny, and if you thought it wouldn’t deliver in just about every way, you were quite mistaken.

Things got chaotic early, with everyone taking some brutal shots in the ring and outside of it, but then things got bloody in a hurry. After a punch with the Brass Knuckles from Jay, Bunny was opened up in a big way towards, and the right side of her face was soon covered in blood.

Did @annajay___ break @alliewrestling in half?!
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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) January 1, 2022

Meanwhile, Conti was also opened up towards the forehead, but soon everyone would be bleeding. Bunny was out of action for a bit after that punch though, and Ford would try and pick up the slack. She would eventually get Bunny back in the fight, and Bunny and Jay went at it. Then things got really brutal.

Bunny brought in a black bag of tacks and emptied it on the mat, and then she and Jay ended up on the top turnbuckle. It looked like Bunny would win this exchange, but then Jay was able to take control, and she would suplex Bunny down onto the tacks from the turnbuckle, and it looked painful. Now, Jay got some damage as well, but Bunny got most of it.

Gotch-Style PILEDRIVER into the table by @TayConti to @thePenelopeFord!!!
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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) January 1, 2022

As Jay rolled out of the ring, Conti came in with a chair, but Ford was able to knock her down and then stomped on the chair with Conti underneath. Conti wasn’t done though, and she would come back with a vengeance, picking up Ford and leaping off the ring apron to the table below, shattering it in the process.

The barb-wired Queen Slayer by @annajay___ finishes @alliewrestling!
What an incredible show of heart and fight!
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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) January 1, 2022

In the ring Jay returned, but she was brandishing barbed wire wrapped around her arm. She snuck up on a still hazy Bunny and stuck her barbed wire-wrapped arm around Bunny’s neck and then pulled back, locking in her Queenslayer submission, and it wasn’t too long before Ford tapped and gave Conti and Jay the win.

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