Watch Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards in IMAX This Year

Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards are getting a big upgrade! These two huge gaming events are getting the IMAX treatment! If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, you’ll be able to watch Summer Game Fest Live! On Jun 9 at 11 AM PT in IMAX theaters. Then, The Game Awards 2022 will be available to watch in IMAX theaters in December. This is a pretty awesome moment for gaming shows and it could be a lot of fun. Tickets for Summer Game Fest Live! will go on sale starting May 12 at 9 AM PT, so get ready to click that buy button fast.

The 9th annual The Game Awards will celebrate the best games of the year, while also previewing the future of the medium with spectacular world premieres and new announcements. Now the gaming community can gather for the shared experience of blockbuster gameplay reveals, next-generation trailers and surprise new game announcements, hosted by Geoff Keighley and broadcast live in IMAX, the world’s highest quality and most immersive cinema format. IMAX will be broadcasting this event across the Company’s LIVE network, which is currently in over 50 markets in the United States.

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Talking about this opportunity, Geoff Keighley said:

Video games are the most powerful, immersive and spectacular form of entertainment in the world, so it’s only natural to bring them to fans in IMAX, the world’s most immersive cinema format.

Megan Colligan of IMAX added:

We are thrilled to be a part of these rapidly growing events. The two video game events are a part of IMAX’s continued efforts to diversify its content portfolio with more live and interactive events and we are looking forward to being a part of them for years to come.

Will you be watching these events in IMAX or the comfort of your home?