What If We Throw SCP 682 Into a Black Hole?

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The destruction of SCP-682 is one of the SCP Foundation’s main goals. After more than 50 failed termination attempts with both anomalous and non-anomalous methods maybe it’s time for a more drastic approach. How about one of the most destructive objects in the universe – a black hole?

So what do you think about this experiment? Do you think it will be the end of SCP-682 or will it be able to adapt and survive? What other SCP theories would you like us to explore? Please let us know in the comments and leave a like if you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy this type of content as we have many more interesting videos coming up in our SCP exploring series such as SCP theories on some of the scariest scp creatures, and more Top 5 SCP Videos. And as always we’ll see you in the next video.

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