WHITTY 2.0 IS HERE & HE IS INSANE. | Friday Night Funkin’ (The most DIFFICULT song..)

Welcome back to some more Friday Night Funkin’. Just when we thought we’d seen the most extreme of mods with the Whitty mod, the Corruption mod came through and is even more crazy (But of-course, we beat it hehe)

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Game: https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin
Mods used:
Whitty Addon Mod: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/15989
FNF Neo Mod: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/15172
Ronald Add-on: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/15351

Myuu: http://youtube.com/myuuji
Kevin Macleod: http://incompetech.com/wordpress/

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